Beauty & Spa

Franchises that offer beauty and spa services and experiences direct to consumers.

Types of Beauty & Spa Businesses

The variety of options in the beauty and spa industry include eyebrow care and eyelash extensions, massages and facials, nail salons, and hair salons.

Woman laying down getting a facial

Initial Investment

Beauty and spa categories all require a brick and mortar space, so the total investment can range between $250K - $750K.

Day In The Life

Most of the franchises in this industry recommend hiring a store manager to handle the day-to-day operations, customer service, and daily management of employees. Your role as an owner will be to work with the store manager to assure all systems are implemented properly, manage the KPI’s and financials of your business, and work on high-level marketing ideas to draw more customers to your store.

Ideal Candidate

The ideal candidate has customer service and management skills. Your clientele is coming to the store to have an amazing experience, and most of your customers will be women. If you and your store manager can assure the attention to detail that is required to create that experience, this may be a good fit for you. Most of your leads are going to come to you through marketing - social media and pay-per-click ads - so experience in sales is not a necessity for this business. The existing owners come from various backgrounds, and often many owners do this as a semi-passive investment (keep their day jobs).

Why We Like This Industry

Beauty and spa franchises provide recurring revenue opportunities. Once customers start coming for your services, if you provide a great experience, they often come back. While they are not deemed an essential service, the demand is still there for these services. Many franchises’ mission is to help their customers feel empowered and better about themselves. If you are on board with this type of purpose, a franchise in this category may be a good fit for you.