Franchises that sell coffee and other related foods and beverages.

Types of Coffee Businesses

There are a wide variety of options that fall under coffee. You’ve got everything from a mobile kiosk/cart to a full blown sit down restaurant. Some options focus solely on coffee, while others may have food or desserts as well. Some may also serve other drinks like smoothies and teas. 

Coffee franchise

Initial Investment

If you’re looking at the smaller kiosk/cart models - those could be less than $100K. If you’re looking at a drive thru or sit down location, then that could be anywhere from $300K to over 1 million, depending on the franchise.

Day In The Life

This will vary based on how involved you are in the day to day operations. Some coffee shop owners hire a GM to be there most hours of the day. Some people want to be in their store from open to close. Regardless of how much you are in your location, you will still need to be hiring, training, firing and managing schedules of your employees. You’ll need to be managing inventory and financials as well.

Ideal Candidate

Experience managing others and managing P&Ls will be helpful with this type of business. Connectors who are ready and willing to get involved in their community would do well in this business. Customer service is also important to keep your customers happy and continuing to come back.

Why We Like This Industry

Coffee is never going away. There are people who order a coffee on the way to work every single day and it is part of their routine. Coffee shops are growing at an average 7% annual growth rate**. Also, there are several different types of coffee shops with different sizes as well so we can likely find a good fit based on what you are looking for.