Franchises offering services in child education and tutoring, including STEM & STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Math) teaching.

Types of Education Businesses

The types of businesses in child education are in-person and online tutoring, math specific tutoring, coding classes, STEM based educational programs using legos, and swim schools.

Teacher and kids in classroom, child giving teacher a high-five as they work on art project

Initial Investment

The initial range is between $50K to $250K. There are several models that don’t have a physical location where instead you are coming to work 1-1 with a student, or you are bringing your services into a school, library, or other facility that works with children. There are also some models that will have a small physical location and those ones will be on the higher end of the range.

Day In The Life

You will definitely have employees with all of these models. You will need to hire, train and manage the schedules of your employees. A lot of your employees will be college aged kids or young adults. You will also be out in the community networking and promoting your business or getting partnerships with other educational organizations. If you have a storefront, you’ll likely be there during the day and also customer facing with your families. You’ll be very present and involved in your business.

Ideal Candidate

Typically a lot of the existing franchisees are parents, educators, or have worked with/around children and enjoy seeing children develop and learn new things. They care a lot about the difference their business is making and want to impact their community. They are looking for people who are ready to promote their business as well as someone who can connect well with others. They want a people-person who is driven.

Why We Like This Industry

The last couple years have greatly affected our kids and their education. Now, more than ever, kids are needing tutors. Some of these businesses are in high demand – but they are also stable. Even before the pandemic, kids needed tutors. STEM programs are becoming more and more popular and those franchises are on the lower end to build out since the physical location doesn’t need to be as large. There are more dual-working households that are contributing to kids needing activities to be involved in after school. This is where some of these franchises can come in and offer their STEM services.