Franchises focused on physical activity services such as gyms, fitness, and personal training.

Types of Fitness Businesses

Most of the fitness franchises are going to be a brick and mortar location that is typically run in a strip mall type of area. However, there are a few fitness franchises that can be run from home where personal training is done at the customer’s house. The majority of the options we have will be a physical location that is anywhere from 1,000 – 5,000 square feet, depending on the model. 

Man squatting using dumbbells

Initial Investment

The initial investment for this category has a very wide range. For the few models that we have that are run from home the initial investment is anywhere from $50K to $150K. For the models with a physical location it is another very large range that is mainly based on the equipment needed and the amount of space needed. It ranges anywhere from $150K to $750K.

Day In The Life

For many fitness franchises, you’ll want to start out very involved. You’ll be there to open the doors, be there during open hours and close the doors. You’ll be hiring coaches and other staff, networking in the community to raise awareness, interacting with your customers, promoting your business, and keeping track of your metrics. Once established you’ll likely hire a GM that will run the day-to-day operations and you will manage that person. A lot of fitness franchise owners end up opening more than just 1 location.

Ideal Candidate

The ideal candidate should have a passion for exercise and fitness. While they come from various professional backgrounds, they have a drive to help people, have a strong work ethic, are motivated by achievement and are great leaders. They are typically Connectors who are warm and outgoing. An ideal franchisee won’t be afraid to get into the community to promote their business and also should be willing to interact with their customers. They should be great at managing people, planning, and influencers.

Why We Like This Industry

The fitness industry is a very rewarding industry. It’s fun and exciting while also helping to change the lives of others by helping people improve themselves and their lives. Typically you do not need very many employees. Most fitness franchises will have less than 15 employees. There isn’t a need for a huge retail space, so the build out can be easier and faster. One of our favorite things about the fitness industry is the recurring revenue. Most all of the fitness franchises have monthly memberships which means you have consistent income to rely on once your business is established. There is a high level of satisfaction from your customers which keeps your business successful. While COVID did impact this industry briefly, it’s not an industry that is going away. There will always be a need for gyms and fitness locations.