Health & Medical

Franchises that offer services and products in the Health and Medical industry.

Types of Health & Medical Businesses

Franchises in this industry provide the opportunity for both doctors and non-doctors to invest in a health and medical clinic. Examples of franchises in the industry include drug testing labs, chiropractic clinics, cryotherapy clinics, spa/massage clinics, cell regeneration clinics, and more. Some franchises in this industry require you to find a certified professional to work within your business, and others do not. There are more semi-passive opportunities in this industry meaning you can do this as a side investment (limited time involved) while keeping your day job. 

Woman sitting on doctor table with her back towards chiropractor while they align her back

Initial Investment

Since most of the health and medical options require expensive real estate, the investment can be quite a bit higher for this category. The average is anywhere between $200K - $750K.

Day In The Life

A typical day depends on whether you’re in a full-time ownership role, or semi-passive. Franchisees that operate more semi-passively will be managing a clinic/facility manager that is responsible for the day-to-day operations. The owner will also be reviewing KPI’s and financials; likely spending 10-20 hours per week on the business.

Ideal Candidate

The ideal candidate has leadership and finance skills, and cares about helping people with their health. They will likely be hiring a clinic/facility manager at the start of the business. Funding is key here; having the required amount to fully invest in the location and the capability of paying a qualified, full-time clinic/facility manager right away. Oftentimes, owners in this category will invest in multiple locations to scale the business.

Why We Like This Industry

The health and medical industry includes franchises that have been around for decades and are always in high demand, but also franchises that are on the cutting edge of new technology/techniques for managing people’s health. Two very different paths, both of which can be exciting to be a part of. These franchises are going to cash flow slower than other franchise businesses, so if you can use this as a longer term investment, it may be a great fit for you.