Moving & Junk Hauling

Franchises that offer moving and junk hauling services to residential and commercial customers.

Types of Moving & Junk Hauling Businesses

There are franchises that provide only moving or junk hauling services, but many that combine both services into their business model.

A living room with furniture covered with sheets and moving boxes with labels and tape around

Initial Investment

The moving and junk hauling businesses will require a small office and warehouse. The total investment ranges between $125K - $275K, and the range depends on if you start with one or two trucks for moving and junk hauling.

Day In The Life

The moving and junk hauling business is in high demand. Many of the franchises will manage the marketing and call center for you, and will proactively schedule new appointments on your calendar. You will be responsible for hiring, training and managing a crew of 8-20 PT employees. The crew(s) will be dispatched in the morning for the appointments scheduled that day, and you will spend the rest of your day interviewing potential employees, reviewing KPI’s, managing the marketing budget, and networking to build referral sources.

Ideal Candidate

The ideal candidate has customer service and management skills, and is hungry to grow a profitable business. Most employees will be between the ages of 18-35, so you will need to be comfortable and excited about managing a team of employees in that age bracket. Most of your leads are going to come to you through marketing - social media and pay-per-click ads - so experience in sales is not a necessity for this business. The existing owners come from various backgrounds, but being confident in your ability to build a culture where you can hire and retain employees is a big plus.

Why We Like This Industry

Moving and junk hauling businesses have some of the best financials in the franchise industry. It’s a scalable business if you’d like it to be. Once you have a backlog of customers, you can add another truck and crew to continue bringing on more customers. It’s a simple business model that does not require certified or skilled workers, unlike other home services businesses. Hard work and providing great customer service is the key to this business.