Pet Care & Grooming

Franchises that offer mobile or in-store pet care and grooming services to pet lovers.

Types of Pet Care Businesses

There are multiple types of franchises in this category, including mobile and in-store pet care and grooming, pet supply stores, dog poop removal services, and dog walking / pet sitting services. Pet care and grooming is one of the fastest growing franchise industries. Americans love their pets; it’s estimated that there are 90 million pet owners in the U.S. alone. 

Small dog looking up at groomer, smiling, while getting groomed/trimmed

Initial Investment

The pet services and grooming options that are mobile (come to your home) average between $80K - $200K for the initial investment. The brick and mortar options range between $250K-$750K.

Day In The Life

It depends on the model you purchase. If it’s a mobile services option, you will be reviewing schedules and customer feedback in the mornings with your employees before they start their schedule for the day. Following, you will review KPI’s, financials, manage the marketing budget, hire and train new employees, and build referral sources for new clients. If you purchase a brick and mortar franchise, you will have a store staff that you will be managing on a day-to-day basis, but would be managing the incoming appointments and customers to your store.

Ideal Candidate

The ideal candidate has customer service and management skills, and obviously it’s a huge plus if you love pets! Most of your leads are going to come to you through marketing - social media and pay-per-click ads - so experience in sales is not a necessity for this business. The existing owners come from various backgrounds; some people choose to do it full-time, and others semi-passively.

Why We Like This Industry

The pet care and grooming industry is an $8 billion industry. The growth in the industry does not appear to be a fad. More and more Americans have family pets, and many of them have multiple pets. The trend of delivering products or services to people’s doorsteps is exciting for the mobile services franchises in this space. Overall, there are multiple great opportunities in this category!