Franchises that offer fire, water damage, mold, mildew, and biohazard cleanup.

Types of Restoration Businesses

There are a handful of restoration franchises. Some specialize in just water mediation and mold removal while others focus on biohazard cleanup. Some restoration companies do everything, including any rebuilding of the house.


Initial Investment

The average is anywhere between $100K - $250K. Depending on what types of services you’ll be providing could change the investment. On the low end you’ll need a van with some industrial size fans. You may or may not need a small office.

Day In The Life

This is a 24/7 business. You’ll need at least one person on staff that would be available to show up to home or business in the case of an emergency. The bulk of the heavy work will be done during business hours, but it is important to be available any time. You’ll be networking with first responders, insurance companies, plumbers, etc so they know to call you when a disaster happens. You’ll also be managing your employees who are doing the physical work. A lot of your business will be from referrals and not as much online leads like other businesses. It’s important that you get out into your community and make partnerships.

Ideal Candidate

The ideal candidate is a connector. This is often a frustrating and difficult time for families, so you’ll need to be understanding, warm and empathetic. The ideal candidate also needs to be goal-oriented and a leader who can manage their employees well. No particular background is necessary and people from different industries have been successful in restoration businesses.

Why We Like This Industry

This is a dire-need business. When you have a disaster of some kind you have to get it fixed. Most people don’t necessarily care what restoration business helps them out. They just want someone quick, who will communicate and get the job done well. This service is almost always covered by insurance so it’s not something that customers “shop around”. They typically are using whoever shows up first or whoever they were referred to. This is where your networking will come in handy and you can dominate your market.