Franchises that sell products out of vending machines.

Types of Vending Businesses

There are traditional vending machines that would obviously fall under this category, but there are also a few others such as a Cannabis vending option, ATMs, and a clothing receptacle. 

vending machine

Initial Investment

This is definitely the smallest investment range of any of other traditional franchise opportunity. You can get into the vending business with as little as $50K. You can also turn this into a significantly higher investment if you purchase a large quantity of machines.

Day In The Life

Vending machines are a semi-passive opportunity. They don’t take many hours to manage and are pretty simple. If you sell products in your machines then your job will be to restock the machines, typically once a week. You’ll also be buying your products in bulk and keeping track of your inventory. A lot of vending machine owners have full-time jobs and do this on the side for extra income. Vending machines shouldn’t be looked at as a way to replace a full-time income, but instead supplemental income.

Ideal Candidate

There is not an "ideal candidate" for owning vending machines. This is something fairly simple that a lot of people can learn and manage. Some even have their teenage children help out with their vending business. You do need to have the initial investment needed, but other than that you’ll be trained on how to run your business so no experience is necessary.

Why We Like This Industry

This is easily something you can manage while you keep a full time job. You own the machines, so if you happen to have one in a not-so-great location you can always move it to a better location. One of our favorite vending machine opportunities even finds and places all of your machines for you so you don’t have to worry about doing that legwork and finding the perfect locations. We love the simplicity and minimal hours needed for vending which is not the case for most other opportunities we have.